Poems for Rory

There’s something about the “muchness” of a baby that overwhelms the senses. It’s not always about changing dirty diapers and sleep deprived nights of inwardly screaming at yourself, “WHY DID I DO THIS AGAIN?!” Sometimes, there is such a sweetness in the moment, a softness in the curve of their little cheek that completely changes your mind and even makes you ponder the thought of doing it all over again. And again.

I really, really do think I am done having children. I have the coveted boy. My side of the family was not blessed with little boys. Four girls, one boy, then six girls before we got another grandson. Upon finding out our little pumpkin was a “he” my entire perspective on being a mom changed.

He’s my little bonus feature-after-the-credits baby. Sometimes, that’s the best part. xoxo 🙂


He has the longest eyelashes

I have ever seen.

They are red, gold, yellow,

so many colors of the sun.

His sweet little head

of sugar and spice hair

dances in the breeze

whispers past his ear.

I hum quietly,

you are my sonshine.

Little lashes brush past

my cheek, I smile

because he knows

the song his mama sings.

Snuggled soft, I understand

his battle against sweet slumber.

Each moment, a moment gone,

ended in spectacular fashion,

splashed across the sky in sunset.

There’s hope for tomorrow,

but every promise

is vulnerable to being broken.

Tomorrow never meant much

until every day

meant so much more

and gave so much back.

Please don’t take

my sunshine



Oh, to be so little

That I could sleep

On top of the dryer

In a laundry basket.


to a swirly mosh pit lullaby,

Freshly scented waves

Rocking me to sleep.

Curled fingers, crinkled nose

Softest hands and toes.

Oh, to be so little

I lacked the words and knew

Only how to feel and express

Pure joy and fear, pure discontent

Nothing tainted, nor untrue.

Never needing to

Give it a name.

Oh, to be so little

I could be held

So close, so dear, so

High on the loftiest

Of hopes and of

Dreams for my future.

That my smile brightens

The faces of all I see

That I command the time

That what I demand

Be made mine.

Oh, to be so little

That my heart still be

So big?


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