A laundry list

I wrote this. I liked it. I hope you do, too. For my FGL, of course.  – xoxo : )




I saw you hanging there, in the back.

So I shrugged you on, like a sweater.

You were warm, and scratchy.

You smelled,

Like you’d been left on the floor,

And I liked it.

So I wore you everywhere.


I wore you everywhere,

Like a t-shirt. The kind I slept in,

And had pleasant dreams.

The kind in which you got to second base.


You wrapped around me like the best pair of jeans

And you thought I had a great ass.

So I wore you everywhere because

You completed the outfit,

No matter the shoes I wore that day.

The ones I could run in, the tall ones,

Or maybe those boots you liked.


You fell over me, like a camisole

Of the finest, smoothest silk,

Caressing the secret places

With lace kisses – delicate and barely there.

I wore you everywhere, underneath

So nobody could see – but I felt you,

The buffer between.

You made me feel so pretty.


I wore you like a suit,

Tailored to my body, hugging each curve

Hanging from my shoulder the way

I hung from your every word.

I wore you everywhere, and they could see

I meant business.


I wore you like a pair of sunglasses,

sometimes admittedly, blissfully rose-colored.

Sometimes to see the same things

in a way I’d never seen them, like your face.

And the way it looked at mine. Sometimes.

But mostly large, like the ones you wear

when your head hurts from losing

what your heart thought it had.

That hangover feeling –

I wore it everywhere.


I wore holes in you, everywhere

I touched, burning with want for more,

For better, to feel the silk of your breath

between rough kisses,

The soft cotton of your skin

Against my own, a blend;

Something that has never been



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