Quickie – just to say hello

Hi, all. It has been a few weeks of nonstop chaos. I don’t remember a month being this busy since, perhaps two years ago during the time we were getting married. Babies are being born, friends are passing away, work situations are changing, school is in full swing and somehow the laundry has piled up so high I don’t even remember the last time I wore the clothes at the bottom of the mountain. I haven’t watched a show on television at its original airing time in weeks. What’s going on with my favorite characters? I have no idea. I read the spoilers in secrecy and then suffer the burden of not being able to share them with my fair ginger lover, lest he know I have been skipping ahead! It is spring cleaning time, and I have been waiting for a good time to purge this disaster area I have built around myself all winter. I don’t know if I’m referring to my extra ten okay maybe fifteen pounds I seem to have put on around myself or the clutter that has surrounded me all winter during this hibernation, but I’m feeling extremely claustrophobic and I can’t wait to watch all of those boxes disappear into a Dumpster in a few weeks.

I have so much to say, but have lacked the energy to pull it out and sort it in a manner you can understand. I have neglected other journals that I so wanted to continue, and when I think of all that I still have unfinished, it makes me want to leave this unfinished, too, to tackle the rest. It is overwhelming.

So I will wind it down and just reassure any readers that I will be returning very soon. Thank you so much for your patience and commitment to my creativity. I appreciate you so much.



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