Words of Wisdom

2014-06-17 14.57.32I have not posted in a few weeks. Life has been hectic, and we’ve been going nonstop. I’ve practically lived in the truck. There have been some major changes, breakthroughs, and some moments that have left me feeling as if I’ve been kicked in the gut. There’s been a lot of restlessness and fear in the past few weeks of my life, and so far, it has all strangely worked out. We’re headed in a new direction, and though I’m not sure of the destination, which is the main source of my fear – that lack of control – I’m surprising myself at being as patient about things as I have been.

But Monday was extremely hard. It was a burst-and-break day for me. We got some answers, and we received good news and bad news. The good news being, our fears had some vindication. The bad news being, our fears were vindicated.

Tonight, I picked my youngest daughter up from her father’s house. Upon hearing of her little brother’s autism diagnosis, she said,

“Well, of course he’s not stupid. He’s a baby. All he is, is cute.”

That’s right. All he is, is cute.



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