First Family Road Trip 2014

First Family Road Trip 2014

My fair ginger lover and I recently lost our marbles and decided it would be a fun, exciting, family-bonding adventure if we went on a road trip this summer to visit his family in southwest Florida, which is also known as the place where Satan goes to get a suntan. We found out the hard way that the weather, the sun, and the heat can be pretty brutal down there, but after two days in the car (most of which felt like a lifetime as we plodded through the garbage can that is our, ahem, honorable, state of Georgia… a rant for another time and a far stronger drink…) and the impending doom of two more days in the car, we relished any moment in fresh air. 

We managed to have a few moments of fun, between the sunburn, the bickering, the sweat and the mouthfuls of mosquitoes, however. Like when the girls and I were given impromptu drum lessons from our new friend Jeannie, and when we fed stingrays right from our hands. We made friends with a dolphin, who politely posed for us, and a few other interesting beach birds, some of whom I wish I could have a conversation with. Fred the Egret… I know he’d have a lot to say. His lovely self can be viewed, alongside many others, on my new Flikr stream. 

Sunsets and sunrises are wonders to behold there. There’s something about a beach that makes them so much nicer to enjoy. There’s not much that can improve that sight, unless you happen to have a handful of hippies and a beat in your heart… and maybe a djembe. I love my in-laws, but I drove two days in the car so I could DRUM! ❤ ❤ ❤

I apologize in advance, but there are an umpteen gazillion pictures of mountains. Passing through Tennessee is my very favorite part of the drive. I liked it so much that I think next year, we’ll drive down and when we get to Tennessee, we’ll just stop there. Florida, you’re a wonderful winter friend, but you can keep your summer heat!

-xo 🙂


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