Treasure Hunting

There are a few things in life that I really, really adore. These  things are true treasures to me, and I know I’m not alone. I am born from a long line of pickers, treasure hunters, bargain seekers and miners of what History Channel’s American Pickers star Mike Wolfe would say is “rusty gold.” My FGL, the Gulliver to my Midge, is my first mate and navigator in these treasure hunting excursions. What luck – he is also from a long line of treasure seekers! So, each summer, we trek around the Thumb of Michigan, all along the M-25 Yard Sale Trail. It is an annual yard sale over 200 miles long with fantastic farm finds on either side of the road. At the end, we find ourselves in Port Austin, about 20 minutes from Caseville, where the annual “Cheeseburgers in Caseville” festival is happening. This translates into the best weekend of the summer, and a truck full of awesome rustic finds from all of the oldest, coolest, hidden treasure homes on the sunrise side of the state.

We love staying at A Night to Remember Inn, just inside Lexington… the best part of the whole Trail! Also, Nadine is an excellent chef and hostess.

beautiful broken things

beautiful broken things


When we get home, we always have more stuff than room – naturally. So we opted to open an Etsy storefront in May 2012 and bring our stuff to the public so we can share our treasures with you! We have some beautiful vintage jewelry, a few antique books, some art, some home decor, a little bit of everything, but something about each piece caught our eye, and we know there’s someone out there whose eyes will also look twice. All prices, including shipping, are negotiable upon inquiry, and we love bundling! We’ve recently re-opened after a life-interruption hiatus, and listings will expand over the next few weeks as we get into garage sale season once again.

We fall in love with the weird things, the kitschy things, the ugly, lovable sweet things that remind us of Grama and the things that made us feel good. We pick up what we like, and we bring it to a market that allows others to have those good feelings taking up space in their homes and lives, too.


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