In the fourth grade, I stumbled upon Robert Frost’s “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” in the back of our textbook. I loved it, needed to possess it. Needed those words to be somewhere I could keep them. So I wrote them down and forgot to write his name. My teacher, a brilliant man who inspired me in so many ways, read the page over my shoulder one day and in what I can kindly describe as a lapse of knowledge, thought I had written it and commented on what a good poet I was.

Nobody had ever told me I was good at something before. Suddenly, I had something to be good at. Something that was mine, even if it wasn’t yet. From that moment, I became a poet. Now, I know better and will always give credit to the artists, poets and other inspirations I may feature. But his comment was not a question to me, it was a statement. I was a poet because he had said so. He had believed it of me, and I had a challenge to rise to, something to prove. He gave me an unexpected gift that has evolved into a genuine love for feeling expressed in verse and prose.

I believe we all have a story, and in that story are thousands of others, smaller pieces of poetry that make up our life’s novel – our logbook. At the end of it all, what are you going to have to say for yourself? Will you have your words? This is where I keep mine safe: with you. My goal from all of this effort to communicate something profound with someone else is this: to make someone, somewhere, feel something.

To navigate on a mobile phone, click “Menu” and you will see a list of choices.  I encourage you to check out Words, as that is where new written work will be posted. Poem and essay readings, along with some excellent spoken word performance videos that I’ve discovered, are found in Audio, as well as a few spoken word performances of my own. It’s a field I’m interested in and am continuously working on. Editorials are bloggy-blogs, and longer stories. I also have featured a few posts from my former address at Blogspot, filed under Vintage.

There are many things written in the view of many that should be kept to few. However, I’m a firm believer in honesty and how closely linked it is to happiness, health and healing. I will not censor myself, my past or my heart. There are stories and poems and audio readings of pieces that may be offensive to some, including the subjects. If you choose to proceed, you will carry the burden of your response alone.



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